Preparing for your acupuncture appointment  

What do I need to know for my acupuncture treatment?

Come dressed in loose, comfortable clothes that will allow easy access up to elbows and knees, and possibly abdomen or back.

It is best if you are well hydrated and not hungry, so do not skip the meal prior to your treatment. You may wish to eat a snack 1-2 hours before your visit.

If you have not filled out new patient forms online prior to your visit, come to my office 15 minutes early to fill out forms. I will review the forms, ask additional questions, and address any questions or concerns you may have. Then I will proceed to examination, which may include looking at your tongue, feeling your pulse, palpating the area of pain or dysfunction.  After taking your history and examining you, I will begin treatment on the same day. The first visit may last up to 1.5 hours.  Subsequent treatment visits will last from 45 to 60 minutes.

Will it hurt?

You may feel a brief pinch but often no sensation at all as the needle goes in.  Acupuncture needles come in a variety of sizes, and I use needles that are as thin as a cat’s whisker. Once needles are in place, you may feel a dull, achy, tingly or warm sensation which indicates the arrival of Qi. Sometimes you may feel the sensation travel along the limb.


How safe is acupuncture? Are the needles clean? How many needles are used? How long do they stay in?

Acupuncture is very safe. Disposable, one-time use, sterile needles are used. There can be occasional spot of bruising. As few as 5 to as many as 30 needles may be used in a treatment session. The needles will stay in for 15 to 45 minutes.


How will I feel during and after the treatment?

Most people find acupuncture relaxing and some will even fall asleep while needles are in. Many report feeling relaxed and or energized for hours or days after the treatment.

How many sessions will I need and how often?

This depends on the severity and duration of the condition that is being treated, along with your overall health.. Typically, acute conditions respond more quickly, and 4-6 treatments may suffice. More chronic conditions may need 8-10 treatments or more. Acupuncture works in a series of treatments, with each treatment building on the previous treatment. I encourage starting with two sessions per week for the first two weeks to build up momentum ,then once weekly sessions. These are general guidelines, and each patient course is individually customized.

When can I cancel my appointment?

Please be considerate to our office and call to cancel at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment. If you call less than 24 hours before, there will be a fee of $25. If you do not call to cancel and are a “No show” to your appointment, the full visit fee will be charged.