Financial information for acupuncture patients

I am an out of network provider.   I accept payment at the time of service, and will provide you with a superbill that you can submit to your insurer.

Before your visit:

Insurers vary widely in their coverage for acupuncture and out of network services.   It is a good idea to contact your insurer to find out about coverage before coming in.   Ask them three questions:

1.  Do you provide insurance coverage for acupuncture?

2.  What are your rates for out of network providers?

3.  What is your protocol for submitting a claim?

After your visit:


Most insurers will be able to provide a claim form to which you can attach the superbill that I will provide you.  This has the important information that they will need, including my clinic information, the acupuncture codes, and a receipt for your payment to me.  They will also ask for a copy of your insurance card.