What is Nitronox?

Nitronox is safe, gentle, patient controlled analgesia.  Nitronox puts you in control of when you need analgesia, how much you need, and for how long.  


Nitronox works by self administration of a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, using a system that only allows you to administer a safe amount of analgesia.  Nitrous oxide is often given to children during dental procedures.

Will I know when I have had enough?


Yes. Nitronox has a special delivery system that must be actively maintained by you.  This allows you to relax yourself without worrying about having  too much.


Will Nitronox put me to sleep?

Nitronox may make you feel drowsy, but doesn't put you to sleep. 

What are the side effects of Nitronox?


Side effects such as feeling temporarily a little dizzy or nauseated occasionally occur.  Most patients report no side effects at all. 

Can I drive home after using nitronox?

Yes.  Nitronox is very short acting.

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